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The European Baseball Connection

German Opportunites


07)Neunkirchen Nightmares Baseball&Softball Club (Germany)
Update: After a long search for a new coach, the Nightmares were able to resign coach LaCasse.

Back again for the 4th year in a row looking for players is the Nightmares from Neunkirchen Germany. Last years European Baseball Connection Member player/coach Jesse LaCasse led his team to the Championship. 2005 will see the Nightmares playing in the highly respected German first Bundesleague now, a wooden bat league.

Jesse has resigned as player/coach; however, the Nightmares are looking to strenghten the pitching staff. Therefore, the Nightmares are searching for a Strong Starting Pitcher that can go the distance.
New to the Nightmares in '05' will be a brand new baseball field, to be ready for play in the Spring. Additional coaching responsibilities with the youth teams will be a must for any player signing a contract.
Neunkirchen is in a pleasant rural area, near the interesting cities of Cologne and Bonn two of Germanys finest HOT SPOTS!!!!

This is a Great opportunity to join the New addition to the German Bundesliga and play against some of the best players throughout the country.

08))German Baseball Federation (Germany)

The German Baseball and Softball Federation is currently hiring baseball coaches for their three National Training Centers.

We are offering a job from February 1, 2005 until December 31, 2005 with a 2 year option for 2006 and 2007. The German Federations long term goal is to qualify for future Olympic Games.

We offer:
- regular monthly salary (please include you ideas for the net salary / after taxes)
- full health care
- social security
- salary pension plan
- travel money / expense account
- annual roundtrip air ticket to the U.S.A.

You will be working with the National Baseball Program (as head coach of a National Training Center and possibly assistant coach to the Men’s National Team) as well as with one of the top club teams (as head coach) in Germany. The job will be around 50% of the time working with national team players. The other 50 % of the time you will be the head coach of a club team in the Top German Baseball League.

Your mission with the federation will be to help Germany win the European Championship 2005. Your mission with the club team will be to win the German Championship.

The Federation is looking for someone to start as early as February 1, 2005.

College or Pro Ball Coaching experience is required. International experience is welcomed.

Please send complete résumé as well as references and CV via email.

General information about the German Baseball and Softball Federation

The German Baseball and Softball Federation is the organization of 28.000 members, 450 clubs and 10 state/regional organizations. The German Federation organizes leagues at all levels nationwide, school and other reaching out programs, coaching education clinics and has various activities in the field of scoring, umpiring, marketing etc. The headquarter is located in Mainz, Germany. Four full time employees are currently working in the office. In addition approx. 40 volunteers are working in the federation's administration.

The state/regional federations are in charge of youth development, local leagues, etc. where the German Federation is in charge of supervising state federation activities, national teams, top competition programs, etc.

In Baseball there are approx. 13.000 male players actively involved in the German Federation, which organizes the 1st division, 2nd division, 3rd division, the German Championships and other important tournaments.
09)Elmshorn Alligators (Germany)

Update:A non-member has signed to play.

The Alligators of Elmshorn have played host to some of Germanys best American players over the past 5yrs; however, a Championship has never materialized.

The Gators play in the 2nd German Division (wooden Bat league, doubleheaders on the weekends) from April-Aug. The League is about college (divII) level. 8 teams, almost every team has one-two foreigners.

They are looking for a playing coach and another infielder. One of them should be able to pitch. Both also are asked to coach a youth team. Club has two adult teams, two youth teams, one fun-team and a littleleague team.

Clubs goal is to finish 1st/2nd this season, or next season to move up into 1st div. , establish good youth practice to have future - players.

Elmshorn is located just north of the beautiful city of Hamburg/Germany

Salary: 1000 – 1300 US$ / Month + flights + appartment

If you are interested in this opportunity, please sign up for a membership today and perhaps be on the next plane to Hamburg.

1)Darmstadt Whippets (Germany)

Update: A Non-Member Coach has signed.

This team from Darmstadt Germany is looking for a New Head Coach for the 2005 season. The Whippets plan to start training on a new field built for the future of the organization in the spring of '05'.

New Coach must be opened minded and be able to work with youth players both in baseball and softball.

Playing in the Regionalliga, the Whippets plan to promote with a Championship at the end of next season. This is only possible with a new coach.

If you are interested to find out more info about this opening, please sign-up for one of the memberships offered through the site.

2)Monchengladback Mavericks (Germany)

Update: A Non-Member Coach has signed.

The Mavericks are a new organization in the German baseball leagues and want to start out on a good note. They are searching for a New Coach to lead them in the 1st year of competition.

If you are a young coach looking for a good start in your career and want to see the beautiful sites of Germany, this opportunity could be yours.

The organization is looking to sign a coach ASAP in order to secure players for next season. Don't wait, sign-up for your new membership today to get all the contact info on this opening.

3)Duisburg Dockers (Germany)

Update: A Non-Member Coach Has signed.

The Dockers are searching for a New Coach for the 2005 season. The city of Duisburg has 520,000 residents and is located in the heart of Germany- the Ruhr area. It is a car drive of less than 20 minutes away from the international airport in

The Ruhr area is quickly accessible from anywhere in the world and characterised by the variety of its landscapes and regions - just some of the advantages of this land inhabited by 18 million people and situated on the Rhine and Ruhr rivers. Duisburg has the world's biggest inland port, a famous university and is also a city of sports with a lot of sports facilities. You may find more information on this website:

Our club, the Duisburg Dockers, has a male baseball team, a junior baseball team and a womens fastpitch softball team. We are looking mainly for a coach for the male baseball team but it is conceivable that the coach does the training for all teams.

That would be four days per week but he has to accompany only the male baseball team during the gameday. The members of our male baseball team are aged between 18 and 37 and most of them are playing baseball for several years. They are playing in what is called in germany the "Landesliga".

The structure of the leagues in germany are Bezirksliga (lowest level), Landesliga, Verbandsliga, Regionalliga, 2. Bundesliga and 1. Bundesliga. So the team is playing on a comparatively low level. The male team has played on a higher level (Verbandsliga) in the years before but in the last few years they had no coach.

But nevertheless the guys are motivated and have fun in playing. The junior team is in i's first year and the boys and three girls are aged between 8 and 14. Our softball team is playing for about seven years and the girls are aged between 17 and 41.

We are interested in a coach for all three teams but we would prefer a player/coach who plays in the male baseball team. We don't have peferences on age.

As you can see this club is determined to find a Championship style coach. If that coach is you, get signed up for a membership today and perhaps you are on a plane tomarrow to Germany.

04)Regensburg Legionaeres (Germany)

Update::: Website Member Jeremy Van Dam has signed a contract to play in Regensburg this season. Good Luck Jeremy.

The Legionaeres play in the 1st Bundesliga of Germany and have won the German National Cup tounament 3 consecutive years. Regensburgs success in '04' brings a reward for the 2005 season. They will play in the European Cupwinners tournament in Antwerp this June.

As far as league play is concerned they have been to the semi-finals of the Bundesliga championship for 3 consecutive years only to loose out to the powerful Paderborn Untouchables.

The city host the undisputable best facility in Germany for baseball.

They are looking for a catcher who can come out starting in the last week of
March.  He should be willing to live in a new culture and be flexible enough to succeed in a new environment.  We are looking for someone with maturity and leadership skills who can help coordinate a team defense and bring along our pitching staff.

Of all the teams in Germany, Regensburgs has the most to give. Great organization, great facilities, great night life, and the best fans in the land.

Here is chance of a life time to play in one of Germanys best organizations. Hurry and sign up for your new membership to get all the contact info.

05)Solingen Alligators (Germany)

Update:A Non-Member has signed to play.

Playoff contender The Solingen Alligators are searching for a STUD Pitcher for the 2005 season. After a bit of a struggle during the first part of the 04 season the Alligators fought back strong in the second half of the season to reach the playoffs for the second year in a row.

The Gators are looking to start strong right out of the gates in 05; therefore, a very dominate pitcher is needed. The Gators would also be very happy if he could contribute in the hitting department as well.

The city of Solingen is very famous and is known around the world as the Knife Capitol with its Solingen Knife's collection. The city also has a very famous castle that attracts many vistors each year.

Situated in the western part of country, it is close to France, Belgium and The Netherlands. So outside of baseball, there are plenty of things to do.

06)FSC Frohnau Flamingos 1946 e.V.(Germany/Berlin
Update:: Non-Member Tyler Sullivan has signed a contract to play and coach for the Flamingos. Good Luck Tyler!!!!

You want to visit Europe/Germany for free ? We need a former US college baseball player as a player coach for our club! The baseball part in our club was founded in 1990. So the Frohnau Flamingos are existing since 15 years. After ups and downs we have about 60 active baseball players in three teams in our club. 3 years ago there were 110 players in 6 teams.

We want to push our current players and win new players for our club. We had former US College players (and coach for us) in 1996 and 2004 in our team. They brought so much motivation and skill improvement to our club! So we want to have such a good person for the whole club again.

1. Money
- We will pay the flight (to Berlin and back to US, we have a sponsor for that)
- We will give him a flat (one room + bath + little kitchen)
- We will give him coupons from our sponsor (for example Subway) and a full refrigerator with drinks and food.
- We will provide a ticket for the BVG (Bus, Underground etc.) for the whole time in Germany/Berlin to be flexible and able to go to practice (45 minutes to the field)

2. His work
Coach three teams of the Flamingos (one youth and 2 adult teams)......... 4 afternoons a week plus coaching and playing on the weekends. One day off per week if he wants.

Here is great opportunity to join the ranks. This position will go fast, so sign up for that membership today for all contact info.

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