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The European Baseball Connection

Dutch Opportunities


1)Domstad Dodgers (Holland)
***Update***Joey Pace and Tim Walter have both signed contracts to play for the Dodgers in '05'. Good Luck Guys!! You are going to have a great time.

This Dutch 3rd Division team is searching for a Top Quality Starting Pitcher for the '05'season who has control over his game and the plate. The Dodgers are a up and coming team thats needs a second Starting P to complete the staff.

Along with this position is the chance to show your coaching talents as well. You will have the opportunity to work with the youth program and give your knowledge to them.

Their is also a chance to work parttime in the community, if you have the desire. Holland is a Beautiful Country and is located right on the North Sea. Belgium, Germany and France are only minutes away and are recommended to see.

Here is a chance to get your foot in the door. If you would like to be selected for this Starting Pitcher Role, sign up for a paid membership today throught the European Baseball Connection.

Please go to the Membership Page to find out more on the types of memberships offered.
2)Star 2B Orioles
Update: European Baseball Connection Member Brad Gooding has signed a coaching contract with the Orioles for the 2005 season. Good Luck Brad!!!!

The Orioles are searching for a Head Coach for the 2005 season to lead its team to a spot in the playoffs. This is a club that his signed a few new players in the off-season that will push them up to the top with the right coach.

The Orioles play in a tough 2nd Division that requires a coach with alot of game knowledge to win close games. Coach will be also responsible for the youth development program and also help out in other area's of the organization.

The Orioles play in a suburb of Rotterdam. Rotterdam is the 2nd largest city in Holland and is host to the worlds largest port for imports and exports. Rotterdam is also located within minutes of the North Sea and beaches.

Here is a opportunity to get your feet wet in the european baseball world. Don't miss your opportunity to get this job. Sign-up for a new membership today and start receiving club contact info tomarrow.

3)Keytown Hitters (Holland)

Update: Former Coach returned for 05 season.

The Keytown Hitters are searching for a New Head Coach for the 2005 season. The Hitters are a club on a mission and the selling point is a new field. The first all purpose baseball playing field in europe.

The Hitters play in the 4th class; however, they have signed some key players at the end of the season to make a statement about there ambitions for the future. With the addition of key players and a new coach, the Hitters are a sure bet to win the Championship in 2005.

The club is located in the beautiful coastal city of Leiden and is only minutes away from the the sandy beaches of the North Sea. The capital city of Den Haag is the main attraction of the area with Amsterdam just 30 minutes away.

This is a great place to start your european baseball career and make a name for yourself. If you would like to be the new coach for this organization, please take advantage of the special offers and sign up for a new membership today. With a new membership, you will receive all the contact info for every team placed on the site.

4)Terrasvogels (Holland)

Update: Former Coach returned to position.

The Terrasvogels of the city Dutch city of Santpoort are searching for a New Coach for the 2005 season. Having played in the 3rd class for the past several years, it is now time to raise the level.

The Ladies softball club have been the premiere attraction in Santpoort for the past several years and now the baseball club wants a piece of the action. The new coach must be willing to teach kids at all levels of the organization, with the main responsiblity of the first team.

What a great opportunity to get hooked up with one of Hollands best organizations. Don't wait to sign-up for one of the memberships, get yours now!!!!!!!!

5)Blue Hitters (Holland)

Update: Non-Member Coach has signed.

The Blue Hitters of Putterhoek, Holland are in search of a New Coach for the 2005 season. This is a club full of talented players that want to reach the top. The main goal for 2005 is to win a Championship. With a new coach it can be reached.

Playing in the Dutch 3rd class the past few years has not been what the Blue Hitters had in mind. They want to reach the first class within 2 years. With a new and experienced coach, this can be achieved. Get your membership today for all contact info.

6)Odiz Frogs (Holland)
****Update****The Frogs have signed New Head Coach Edsel Martis to take over for the '05' season. Good Luck Edsel!!!

The Frogs are a 5th division club in need of a new coach for the 2005 season. New Coaches responsibilities will include working with youth program as well.

The club is based in the city of Zaandam, which is a coastal city with lots of water ways. Zaandam is close to just about every major city in Holland. Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the capital city of Den Haag.

This is a perfect opportunity for a young coach to make a mark in the Dutch baseball world. If you want to learn more about this position, please sign-up for a membership today.

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