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The European Baseball Connection

Switzerland Opportunities


1)Flyers Baseball and Softball Team (Therwil, Switzerland)

Update: A American living in Switzerland signed to coach.

The Flyers are back again in ('05') looking for a playing coach for next year.
This team is a playoff team each year and even Won the ('03') Championship. With a new coach/player on the field, the Flyers are hoping to raise the crown once again in ('05').

The City of Therwil, Switzerland is apx. 10 min. away from Basel, the next biggest city and has all the day and night time attractions one could dream of.

The team is looking for a playing coach for 2005 season (starting mid
april) who's prime duty will be Coaching the first team, 2nd team and juniors as well as playing in the clubs first team. You should be able to be an allrounder in the field
because you may be asked to play various positions. What the team mostly need is a catcher who can also pitch if needed.

Here is a perfect opportunity to get to europe to play/coach and even travel the Alps. What more could you want!!!! Hurry up!!!!! sign up for your membership today and be in Therwil by April.

2)Sissach Frogs (Switzerland)
Update::Website Member Johnny Bassett has signed a contract to play in Switzerland. Good Luck Johnny!!!!!!!!

Back again this year looking for a key player/coach are The Frogs from Sissach, Switzerland.

This club is one of the Biggest clubs in Switzerland with several teams in the organization. But after the retirement of some key players the Frogs are now looking for a coach who can develop the rookies to become a strong part of the major team.

If he can also play, e.g. as a catcher or another key position, that would be big bonus. The team is located in Sissach, which is close to the city of Basel.

This is a nice way to get to see one of the Most Beautiful parts of Europe. Traveling throughout Europe playing baseball. It's like being on a extended holiday.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to see the world, sign up for your new membership today and be playing baseball tomarrow in Europe.

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