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Marcus Welles

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79)Marcus Welles
Main Position: RHP
Secondary Position: OF
Bat: RH
Throw: RH
Date Avaliable: January, 2003
Age/Date of Birth: 22/ 01-08-80
Height/Weight: 6'3''/ 220 lbs.
Hometown: Madison, NJ
College: Haverford College
Pro. Organizations: Met League, Morris Majors (NJ)

Email Address:

Player Comments: I'm a RHP recently graduated from college, where I was a starting pitcher for 4 years. I throw 2 different fastballs in the upper 80s with movement, a sharp curveball, and a changeup with
screwball action. Primarily a starter, I'm a strikeout pitcher and can also close or relieve in any capacity if needed. I'm very competitive and like to assume a leadership role on teams that I play for. I love playing
baseball and always work hard to continually improve my game and help my team. Furthermore, I have spent time in Europe and can speak French. Although I would play baseball anywhere, playing at the top level in Europe is my first choice, as I consider the overall experience the
chance of a lifetime.

Fastbaal Speed: 85-88
Home to First Speed: 3.0-3.2

Most Recent Stats: 3-3, 4.30 senior year in college

3 References With Contact Info:
Dave Beccaria: Head Coach, Haverford College(
Ed Molush:
Greg Kannerstein: