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Hector Rodriquez

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55)Hector Rodriguez
Main Position: Picther(opening, halftime, closing)
Secondary Position: 1st base, Rightfield, Designated Hitter
Bat: LH
Throw: LH
Date Avaliable: February 2003
Age/Date of Birth: 24 years old ; 03/08/77
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
College: UCV (Central University of Venezuela) one of the best in South America

Pro. Organizations: NY Yankees, Baltimore Orioles (minor league) ;
Pro-Baseball in Venzuela with Tigres de Aragua (Tigers of Aragua)
Countries Interested to play/coach in: Any European, Australia and Asian (Japan, Korea, Taiwan)

Email Address: ;

telephone: 058(212)442-1759/
cellphone: 058(212)0416715411

Player Comments: I would just like to add that I'm a person who does not let their team down because I can do a good job to help the team become champions. I consider myself as a person with capabilities to help any team no matter what country.

I would also like to inform you that I do not only help as a player but as a coach or trainer.I have coached children, young players and adults. I have been coach assistant, pitcher coach (know all about pitching mechanisms, control, styles of pitching (curveball, fastball, changeup, slider etc)

Other knowledge: Baseball Counselor, physical trainer, and as I already mentioned coaching (any age)