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Felipe Perez

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62)Felipe Perez
Main Position: 2B, SS, 3B
Secondary Position: Outfield
Bat: SH
Throw: RH
Date Avaliable: as soon as possible, I just want to play ball
Age/Date of Birth: 22, 11-07-79
Hometown: New York City
College: Division 1 Junior College Middle Georgia, Baltimore City CC, Maryland Eastern Shore Uni.

Pro. Organizations: Semi -pro the San Diego Padres NYC, Double AA Ameteur Tournament in the Dominican Republic, Worked with the Academies of the St. Louis Cardinals, Cleveland Indians, and Free Agents Camps in the Dominican Republic and with some of the best unsigned baseball and signed baseball players in my native country of the Dominican Republic.

Countries Interested to play/coach in: I prefer Germany, Holland, Italy, but i'll play anywhere i just want to play ball as soon as possible.

Email Address:

Player Comments: I just want to get a chance to demostrate my abilities as a baseball player. I have a lot to give to any team team that is willing to give me a chance to play and participate with them. I have been a winner my whole life and I have persevere. Any ball club that gives me a chance I garantee it would be a blessing from the sky. I just want to get a chance to play. Any team interested in a middle infielder with all the tools here i am. I am the guy for you and your team. I just want to help a team be a winner. Thanks for your time and may God Bless You All.